about us

Saxon Securities is a Registered Investment Advisor, focused on providing cash management solutions to institutions seeking capital preservation. We serve our clients by building institutional-size portfolios of FDIC-insured brokered certificates of deposit ("CDs"). Each portfolio is insured by the FDIC.

Portfolio construction relies on technology to ensure that no client investment exceeds the FDIC insurance limit. We tailor to each client’s investment needs by using separately managed accounts held at the client's existing custodian.

Our advantage includes:

  • Safety: U.S. government guaranteed, client-directed FDIC-insured brokered CD portfolios
  • Portfolio Size: An extensive dealer network; more than 1,500 FDIC-insured depository institutions
  • Yield: Ability to capture high bank yields – irrespective of their location or size
  • Liquidity: Early liquidity available for FDIC-insured brokered CDs in a secondary market

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